The courage of far-sighted technical choices. The allure of a brand with a unique history. And: the triumphs in the Supersport category. Experience and progress, race by race, with the ultrafast derivatives of series-production bikes.

All this, and much more, swathed in the seductive, streamlined carbon fibre fairing of the most powerful, fastest and hardest-hitting F4 ever built. Built to race. To weave around Superbike racetracks. And ignite the dreams of even the most demanding enthusiasts. 

RC, Reparto Corse: every detail, even where of no apparent significance, has been conceived, designed and built with the sole purpose of providing maximum race competitiveness. And, therefore, maximum road riding pleasure. 

The new F4 RC is the sharp end of a project that began with the first incredible F4. The model that put MV Agusta back in the spotlight, changing the sports bike concept forever. Acclaimed, coveted and loved by motorcyclists the world over. 
A flawless blend of style and substance, this bike has gone from strength to strength while remaining ever-faithful to the panache and technology that make it so unique. 
The culmination of that development is the F4 RC. Produced in a limited edition of just 250 bikes, each F4 RC comes complete with a certificate of authenticity and a comprehensive special components kit that provides an awesome power peak of 212 hp at 13,600 rpm. 

At the same time, this version, which joins the standard and RR line-up, is gearing up for success in the 2015 Superbike World Championship. Justapproved race regulations, in fact, drastically limit the modifications that can be made to production models. Consequently, to have a bike that will be extremely competitive right from the first world championship race, technical specifications need to be defined with near-manic attention to detail. 

Exclusiveness is one of the distinguishing traits of the F4 RC. A bike that is unique at first glance, thanks also to a great choice of graphics and an eye-catching color scheme that immediately marks it out as a thoroughbred. The striking livery - evidently designed for the racetrack - features an attentiongrabbing combination of color and trim that emphasises the bike's instantly recognisable lines and exceptional technical components. And those who want a color scheme identical to that used on the bikes competing in the Superbike World Championship need only choose their own personal race number on the front and lower fairing. Performance and lightness: the pursuit of these goals has been boundless, with work being carried out on every component in every possible area.

The new F4 RC is limited to 250 units and each is numbered and supplied with a certificate, the bike includes a "ready to race" component kit with everything needed to configure the bike to be used exclusively on race circuits.

MSRP $46,000*

*MSRP prices may vary. Prices may change at any time at the discretion of MV Agusta USA LLC.